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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Business as Usual - Winter Floods 2015

The  SUN and the Daily Mail are squawking about Sir Philip Dilley being on holiday at Christmas ...  not an unusual thing - but....

£100,000 (+++) a year
a 3 day week (does he actually "put in" 156 days?)
figurehead of one of the biggest quangos
yet another flood crisis

It isn't unreasonable for him to jet back and earn some of that money defending his organisation and explaining some home truths about floods to people (he is purportedly an engineer)

It is notable that no other senior management have ventured outside the lavishly appointed PR bunker with 350++  stout defenders manning the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram barricades.

Apparently one can take a picture from a certain angle that makes Bristol Council House unicorn appear to be on top of The Environment Agency HQ building - which seems entirely appropriate since the flooding is being blamed on unicorns by many commentators...

Sir Philip Dilley is reputedly an engineer (Arup Partners) - it would be refreshing (but extremely unlikely) to hear him say some engineer-y things about the floods.

I think we all know the unicorn will get the blame.

UPDATE:  He's back!!