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Monday, 11 December 2017

The "Poor Little Fishes" eating plastic II

An update to this story .... According to the preeminent biological science journal Nature  Oona Lönnstedt has now been found to have:

  • Fabricated experiments
  • Falsified data

Peter Eklöv has been found to have been profoundly incurious about suspicious research results that he was putting his name to. The inquiry steps back form naming Eklöv as a perpetrator of fraud but it has to be assumed that he's either a completely pointless lazy eejit - or he was complicit in the entire thing. I can't resist calling it all very fishy indeed.

Literally thousands of news articles and media stories about this are out there at the moment with no mention that the paper has been declared a FRAUD.

I see Greenpeace still features the fraudulent work (and derivative articles) on its web site with no caveats even though it's been clear for 6 months that the results were fabricated.  

Thursday, 7 December 2017

10 Mossbank Way, Shrewsbury

an interesting and fairly technical piece over at Euan Mearns' blog about going off grid and using a Tesla Powerwall or similar.

See Here

As an aside - given Mr. Musk's talent / predilection for hyperbole - see this pragmatic presentation (imho) of Tesla's claims to date and going forward. I admire some of the Tesla / SpaceX achievements but I am getting quite tired of the endless BS and fanboys.

Friday, 1 December 2017

After a bit of a delay....

the owners of Avoncliff North Mill respond to the planning application by Weavers's Mill.

As you can see from the first page the submission has been lingering around the planning desks since the 18th of October - about 6 weeks... The submission is quite large - it's a 10.8MB pdf file 

A direct LINK to North Mill's  document (on the council planning portal).

As an aside there was an article in The Wiltshire Times print edition last week about the hydropower scheme - so... if you missed that (it didn't make it onto the web site)

Click on the pic to get a readable size....

It should be noted that there is extant planning permission for a water turbine (a water wheel actually) at North Mill.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Wiltshire Times article on Weaver's Mill Turbine Application

The Wiltshire Times has published an article on the application for a Kaplan turbine at Weaver's Mill Avoncliff.

It looks like the Duke Street, Trowbridge sub editors were away early for the weekend as it's littered with mistakes.

Predictably the WT swerves any mention of the history of hydropower applications at Avoncliff - not much of a surprise there really... (hint : try searching the archives here on the blog or on the main North Mill website

The article's author  also doesn't bother to look closely enough at the application to see the raft of issues that make this application very problematic. So... actually reading it won't inform you any more than reading

ps if you're wondering why I've put the Wiltshire Time article link to The Wayback Machine - it's because the WT has some history of "disappearing" articles about hydropower in Bradford on Avon - two articles about the Kingston Mill scheme were removed from the "local newspaper of record" web site without explanation several years back.... and Duke Street have repeatedly spiked stories which portrayed the Environment Agency as failing in their duties or worse. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Renewables ... Wind Power

As the few folk who've read the blog over a long period know I'm fond of pointing out that renewables are intermittent and unpredictable as in if you were say, solely connected to a wind turbine - you'd have around 44 hours of electricity a week (out of 168 hours) randomly - on average.

Well today...

 Wind power is down to 0.5% of it's capacity

Paul Homewood at the notalotofpeopleknowthat blog has a post up which details the woeful situation - I don't think I can improve on it.

How would you feel if the electric had been cut off at 10am yesterday?

I can only echo Paul's final sentence:

When will somebody tell the emperor that he is wearing no clothes?

The dishonesty of the renewables crowd is quite epic - we are regularly regaled with "the achievements of renewables" which I have to say usually do not stand up to close scrutiny  - but the reticence when it comes to the shortcomings ...  is also telling.      

Now... if  99.5% of electricity generation slowly  disappeared this morning... what would the reaction of the media be?  (OK....  trick question - you wouldn't know - because you'd have no media....eh?)