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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Wiltshire Times - A(nother) Legal Challenge at Avoncliff

The Wiltshire Times has an article on The Weaver's Mill hydro scheme.

click HERE or on pic to go to Wiltshire Times piece

And Bradford on Avon hosted a visit by James Bevan, Chief Executive of The Environment Agency three days ago on the 14th February - where no doubt the matter of £1,000,000 flood alleviation funding was dangled / mentioned.... 

The fact that Mr. Timms of Rivers House at Avoncliff has been forced to resort to legal remedy to sort out the planning mess in his front garden is a testimony to the ineptness and determination of the Environment Agency to push through the license for Weavers Mill come hell and -  dare I say it - high water...

The matter of conflicting land and riparian rights between Rivers House and Weaver's Mill Avoncliff has been very obvious since at least 2012 and commented on by North Mill repeatedly in communications with the EA and in license applications - and then studiously and deliberately ignored by officials who are "no longer in post" who were in a position to influence the award of a license.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Planning Decision at Avoncliff

Well, Tim Martienssen - Director, Economic Development and Planning at Wiltshire Council has signed off a decision notice on the Weaver's Mill planning application.

Rather unusually for an application that generated so much discussion and so many submissions / objections (I know of several unopposed tiny garages that got a rougher time of it!)  - the matter wasn't put to a committee

HERE it is.

One actual, physical issue that comes to mind:

  • As I understand it  - there is an unresolved boundary dispute between Weaver's Mill and the adjacent property which would effectively stop the development as described in the application - it seems perverse that planning can be given when land ownership is disputed ....  

Monday, 18 December 2017

I do like random stuff

The London Tube Map translated into German

The Avoncliff Weaver's Mill Planning Application - An Update

North Mill owners have added a new document to their submissions to the planners and the relevant document will be on the council planning documents portal shortly (if it isn't already there).

LINK to the submissions at Wiltshire Council - I hope this one takes less than 6 weeks to make it up there!

The Environment Agency seem to have had cause to back off their own flood risk investigation for the schemes... so much so that they lodged a holding objection with the council  in October (see below)

A few bits and bobs - I noticed that there are two letters about the proposal in the Wiltshire Times :

15th December
R Henderson (Comments open)

1st December
Anthony Battersby  (Comments Closed)

Wiltshire Council planners have been out to the site and had discussions with involved parties.


As an aside I see that the Environment Agency's flood risk report for Avoncliff hydro schemes is up on the planning portal. If one is interested in that - I would suggest that a close look at the actual numbers quoted and their provenance is in order to get a bit of insight. When the flood risk assessment appraisal was performed North Mill made formal representations to the EA over erroneous assumptions used / made (wrong measurements), no validation was undertaken and the conclusions drawn are in my view quite arbitrary and subjective predicated on instructions...   The EA commissioning manager for this flood risk assessment appraisal - one John Sweeney has disappeared without trace.

It now looks like the EA have had some cause to reconsider the Flood Risk Assessment Appraisal relating to Weaver's Mill and actually lodged a HOLDING OBJECTION (October 2017) which wriggles on the difference between an "appraisal" and an "assessment" - I really do wonder what's prompted that?  - looks remarkably like CYA from here.....

Update: after a bit more reading.....  the November 2017 Johns Associates Flood Risk Assessment   doesn't exactly clear things up as it raises more issues related to environmental assessments  and the timing / sequencing, extents and approval of Environmental Permits consequent from those...  I also see that in the conclusions a claim of "betterment of flood risk" when the previous paragraph states the proposed scheme "will not result in an increased flood risk either upstream or downstream of the site" (make your minds up!) and it also cites / relies on the flawed Mott MacDonald modelling which evidently the EA themselves do not have full confidence in...

The bureaucracy related to Avoncliff hydropower schemes seems like some kind of incestuous perpetual motion machine.

Monday, 11 December 2017

The "Poor Little Fishes" eating plastic II

An update to this story .... According to the preeminent biological science journal Nature  Oona Lönnstedt has now been found to have:

  • Fabricated experiments
  • Falsified data

Peter Eklöv has been found to have been profoundly incurious about suspicious research results that he was putting his name to. The inquiry steps back form naming Eklöv as a perpetrator of fraud but it has to be assumed that he's either a completely pointless lazy eejit - or he was complicit in the entire thing. I can't resist calling it all very fishy indeed.

Literally thousands of news articles and media stories about this are out there at the moment with no mention that the paper has been declared a FRAUD.

I see Greenpeace still features the fraudulent work (and derivative articles) on its web site with no caveats even though it's been clear for 6 months that the results were fabricated.