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Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Swansea Green Power Barrage

just some numbers

  • Cost of lagoon – £1.3bn (projected not actual)
  • Electricity produced – 532 GWh pa, which is 0.15% of UK generation (projected not actual)
  • This is enough to supply on average 40,000 homes
  • Therefore the cost per household is £32,500
  • There are an estimated 107,500 households in Swansea, so the lagoon could not supply half of the town.
  • Even after the capital costs, ongoing costs will be substantial, for instance dredging and maintenance and replacement of turbines.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Solar Scams - a Minor Public Service Announcement

As you might or might not be aware - rooftop domestic solar electric has been systematically misrepresented and mis-sold.

Salesmen lied and or omitted the details of solar "deals" - presenting the panels as an unalloyed simple win which will pay for itself and likely show a small profit - in some cases claiming that installs will reduce your electricity bills by 50%.  BBC Radio 4 "You and Yours"  9th May 2018

Needless to say - not many of the claims hold up and tens of thousands of credulous people have been conned.

There is a law firm in Newcastle who are tooled up and already have 1200 disgruntled customers.

If you're hurting from a solar buying experience that involved a loan then contact:

Friday, 13 April 2018


Found on the Internet ...

 Channel 4 "Dispatches" investigative program is running "The Real Cost of Green Energy" next week. We can expect (I reckon) to be told we need more solar panels and windmills .....

 Given that the holy cow of "Green Energy" receives little or no actual critical examination in UK's media the Dutch program below takes a comedic - but accurate look at how "Green Energy" works - and perhaps more to the point hints at why our energy bills are ratcheting upwards when actual energy prices are low...

Turn the YouTube subtitles on!

With gas, oil and coal at historically low prices - have you vere wondered why you're paying more than ever for your electricity and heating?

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

FaceBook .....

and the big Internet companies are in the news quite a bit at the moment

One perspective on the Facebook situation from the Wall Street Journal  with a handy guide to minimising your exposure to this particular data snaffling venture.

DuckDuckGo for search - doesn't track you.

Brave.com the new browser that lets you control who snaffles your personal info (watch the promo video)

People are waking up to the fact that most "free" Internet applications usually mean that *you* are the product.