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Monday, 16 December 2013

That Secret Agent Thing Again

From the USofA comes the news that a senior official at the Environmental Protection Agency has been roundly abusing his position with chaufeur driven limos, first class flights and 5 Star hotels.... pretending to be a secret agent!

Given the wholesale abuse of timesheets, "holidays" and the grotesque amounts splurged on "intelligence" by The Environment Agency - it would seem that there is some fertile ground for looking into what our own provincial "regulators" have been up to with public funds. We've commented in the past about the EA's fondness for cloak and dagger .....  and in their own words eco-snooping.

Much more of this and everybody might end up more than a little cynical about Environment Agencies!

It is really well past time that "green" gang got their act in order - the way it's going people on low incomes are going to get really screwed 

Friday, 6 December 2013

FYI - Government Spending 2013

I know we're in there ...  but smaller than a row of pixels...

Anyway - a graph you likely won't see much anywhere else....

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