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Monday, 26 November 2018

Without Coal

The UK's National Grid overview web site Gridwatch shows that without coal it is rather likely today that we'd have widespread power cuts.

Elsewhere and pretty much ignored in all the hurly-burly of the MSM is a report from a whistleblower at ofgem that unscrupulous businesses have been pillaging subsidies from "Green Energy" schemes.

The whistleblower says that what was happening in England, Scotland and Wales "was worse than what was happening in Northern Ireland".

Really.... what an incredible mess our public servants are making of energy policy.

Saturday, 10 November 2018


Give the technical and practical miserable debacle that the "Smart Meter" program has become (and some predicted it would) it isn't much of a surprise to find out that these wonderful and useful gadgets have yet another stupid flaw.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Smart Meters cannot cope with solar panels ....

Yes ...  these incredible pieces of "FREE!" technology that will save you hundreds of pounds on your electricity bills are a complete balls-up. The grasping zealots and IT illiterate clots are mandating that a million known dysfunctional meters continue to be fitted.

It makes the EA's antics at Avoncliff and the waste of some couple of million quids look pretty lame.

Hey Alexa / Hello Google tell me how much I've spent on electricity tonight compared to last week and who sells the cheapest electricity at the moment ?

In the meantime it looks like Smart Meters are getting a try-out at British Army bases according to a number of newspaper reports - "£35 to boil a kettle".

The government are so twitchy about the grim details of this profoundly flawed and near pointless project getting public traction that they're shutting down whistleblowing using "National Security"