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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Things are moving along, met with Duncan Hames MP again this evening. He's trying - but when levels of EA intransigence and obstructiveness reach a certain level - our MP is essentially powerless and the EA have pretty much given him the finger - so much for accountability. It would seem that the shredders have been fired up at EA offices.

Thought we'd spruce the blog up a little - the old layout was just dashed off to give us a space to vent a bit and elicit some input from people interested in what's going on and get a dialogue going.

Interestingly, the blog has attracted some attention from unexpected places (Always thought Twitter was pointless - no longer!) and as a result - we have come into the possession of some very interesting (unshredded)  information which is not to put too finer point on it - quite explosive.

We would really like to just dump it in the public domain, but we must be very careful not to prejudice court matters.

Yes, a bit coy - but there is a lot at stake here.

The unexpurgated tale will be here eventually.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Peter Juerges

We found this on Flikr - eye candy indeed.

Anyway, an update - we have received more FoI documents (last week) which really make the Environment Agency look very bad indeed. It seems that they were being duplicitous and have started to try and hang the wrongdoing they've indulged in on a junior official - we know different.

The Environment Agency have been criticised over their behaviour by the Information Commissioner. We are still waiting for specific documents from almost two years ago. They told us last week that some documents (from their main archive!) have been ahem...  "misplaced" and apparently some emails have been "accidentally" deleted! 

If The Environment Agency have something unpleasant to hide about the way senior managers have handled the water licenses at Avoncliff - they're doing a a bang up job of convincing us that we must continue digging....