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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Things are moving along, met with Duncan Hames MP again this evening. He's trying - but when levels of EA intransigence and obstructiveness reach a certain level - our MP is essentially powerless and the EA have pretty much given him the finger - so much for accountability. It would seem that the shredders have been fired up at EA offices.

Thought we'd spruce the blog up a little - the old layout was just dashed off to give us a space to vent a bit and elicit some input from people interested in what's going on and get a dialogue going.

Interestingly, the blog has attracted some attention from unexpected places (Always thought Twitter was pointless - no longer!) and as a result - we have come into the possession of some very interesting (unshredded)  information which is not to put too finer point on it - quite explosive.

We would really like to just dump it in the public domain, but we must be very careful not to prejudice court matters.

Yes, a bit coy - but there is a lot at stake here.

The unexpurgated tale will be here eventually.


  1. Come on tell us what happened, why did a mill on the shallow side of the river with terrible access useing a bad choice of turbine thats not fish friendly and applied for a licence 4 months after the north mill that is in the main flow of the river on the deep side useing a fish friendly proven turbine that already had draft licences,how did weavers mill get the licence????? this stinks something very very odd ? The Green Giant


  3. Just read first blog, it does make you wonder what the hell went on , cant wait to see where this is going give us some more info!

  4. if you only knew!

  5. "Rumour Control" has it that the EA caved in and settled out of court for a large 6 figure amount so that the size of their sillyness and the amount the taxpayers are having to pay for it cannot be disclosed.
    I guess also the fact that they acted illegally has nothing to do with it.


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