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10,000,000 Miles in a Nissan Leaf?

Monday, 13 February 2012

The situation at the moment is very sensitive in a few areas and particularly the legal side of things - so, much as we'd like to have a truly open forum here, we have - with regret - decided to suspend all comments for a while. We will be back - and you will be welcome to comment again.

We apologise to all the readers and and particularly the commenters who've visited the North Mill Avoncliff blog since we started it in September 2010. We are astounded that we've had a smidge under 5000 views to date and we take keeping all you interested folk updated seriously. btw - your comments have not been deleted.

We hope to provide you all with plenty to comment on too.......  In the meantime we will say as much as we sensibly can both here and on Twitter.