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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dredging at Burrowbridge

A rather slow video of some rather slow dredging at Burrowbridge.

One would have thought that a prominent location like this would have been tackled a bit sooner - one has to suppose though - that if the locals hadn't kicked off - it wouldn't have happened at all ...

Local farmer Wheat_Daddy on Twitter

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hydro Produces More Electricity Than Wind - Yet Again

I don't jump on this every time - but there many, many occasions that hydro power produces more electricity in the UK than the 11,000 MW installed capacity of windmills. Wind is presently producing 0.22 GW (0.56% of current generation and which a miserable 2% of installed capacity ) - see Gridwatch 

In terms of bang per buck the comparison is stark - very stark UK hydro capacity at 1649MW is barely 1/6th of wind and regularly produces more power ....  when it's needed.  As longer colder nights draw in the folly of present energy policy are becoming more evident as time passes.  One has to wonder at the lack of support for hydro power from environmental activists since in terms of electricity generation it has very positive attributes for practical utility being both controllable and less prone to short term changes in the weather....

Bradford on Avon local activists have made much of installing solar panels on schools - but next to nothing has actually been said about the two hydro electric schemes which the town could have up and running.

Never mind the windmill on Mason's Lane  - how about a 20MW turbine on Christchurch ?

Meanwhile - winter seems to have arrived early in Canada - when America sneezes etcetera - make sure your heating's up to par...