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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Testing, Testing

We aren't happy with the way that officials have presented the flood risk consequent from the possible installations of hydro power turbines at Avoncliff.

We think that the results of the simulations and the actual impacts of high water levels should be presented in an intuitive way, accessible by non- technical people rather than buried in a pile of printouts to be cherry-picked and misrepresented as we feel has happened up to now.

The EA have the data to do an impact presentation - Bradford on Avon has been surveyed with laser from an aeroplane - the results:

Click for a bigger image

Another rendering of the LIDAR data - the filtering process to remove buildings and trees has had its toll on the detail but even still - look at the spoil tips from the mines on the south side of the river behind Avonciff...

So the picture below is a test to see how well 3D terrain data (with water levels overlaid later...) works - it's quite a big file so you'll have to wait a few minutes for it to load.... after you click "view" - please try it out.

The 3D viewer hasn't been a great success....  and seems to "gum up" browsers on slower internet connections....

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wind Energy - An Assessment

Not by me I'd hasten to add - but some actual measurements and analysis of consequences for electricity distribution grids based on wind deployments in other countries - notably that paragon of wind virtue Denmark. It's well presented and the conclusions are inescapable - the response by DECC (page 7 ) to observations made by the report authors is erm... telling...

New Power Consulting Wind Report

Now where have we seen pointless profligacy with public money before ....?

h/t Bishop Hill

Where's it going to end up? - perhaps Spain is showing the way?