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Sunday, 18 September 2011

They Wouldn't Finance Elizabeth II's Hydro Scheme

We discovered the other day that banks had refused to finance a British equipment manufacturer to build the turbines on the hydro scheme being used to partly power Windsor Castle.

And the government is supposed to be promoting hydro power and associated industry?

Considering that the government (we?) actually own several of the largest banks in the country their refusal to finance a green technology project for The Queen of all people beggars belief! (Well, she might be able to fund it personally, but it was a fabrication company that was refused finance apparently)

In The Wiltshire Times

First off -  thank you to everybody who's commented and the several thousand non commenting visitors. Scrolling down the comments has become a chore - so please use the comment facility on this post.

The Avoncliff hydro power water licence dispute finally gets into print - albeit a few centimetres of quite weirdly stilted and rather jumbled sense on an inside page and without a photograph. It's not easy to square three weeks of questions and what must be some considerable effort on the reporter's part with such a short and not really very informative piece - considering what they managed to print about us before - without actually asking us any questions.

Obviously - we're biased - but given the dispute's national profile (Questions in the House of Commons by Duncan Hames MP about Avoncliff and a suggestion for a formal debate on the EA's activities in hydro power licence administration from Deputy Leader of The House and Frome & Somerton  MP David Heath) we think that the Wiltshire Times have pulled their editorial punch on this matter for some reason.