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Sunday, 18 September 2011

In The Wiltshire Times

First off -  thank you to everybody who's commented and the several thousand non commenting visitors. Scrolling down the comments has become a chore - so please use the comment facility on this post.

The Avoncliff hydro power water licence dispute finally gets into print - albeit a few centimetres of quite weirdly stilted and rather jumbled sense on an inside page and without a photograph. It's not easy to square three weeks of questions and what must be some considerable effort on the reporter's part with such a short and not really very informative piece - considering what they managed to print about us before - without actually asking us any questions.

Obviously - we're biased - but given the dispute's national profile (Questions in the House of Commons by Duncan Hames MP about Avoncliff and a suggestion for a formal debate on the EA's activities in hydro power licence administration from Deputy Leader of The House and Frome & Somerton  MP David Heath) we think that the Wiltshire Times have pulled their editorial punch on this matter for some reason.

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  1. Can`t believe what i have just read the ea should face a public enquiry over this a waste of green energy and tax payers money,not fit for purpose!!!
    The permiting team should be sacked no wonder the country is in such a mess with idiots like this, can`t organise a p**s up in a brewery


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