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Friday, 27 June 2014

Smiffy's Swansong - " Save the EA !! "

Chris "wrong type of rain" Smith is in the news again as he seeks to undermine his boss and influence the selection of his replacement at the top of the dysfunctional Environment Agency. The "noble lord" was given a pulpit and free ride in The Guardian  to attack his boss Owen Paterson and further spout his ill informed alarmist twaddle on Channel 4 News ( here at 3m:29s in ) on Thursday in another softball interview with Jon Snow - Smith yet again displays the quite towering arrogance, hubris and stultifying political correctness that we've come to expect.

EDIT Busy boy Chris has been scampering around putting words into Owen Paterson's mouth for a third time at the BBC too... listen HERE at 1h 17 mins in.  I'd have a word with him....

Homeopathic Dredging Fat Controller
Looking at the calendar -  we were under the impression that Smiffy was already gone - out to pasture, to indulge himself with the pile of pensions and gratuities he's lined up after his rather less than sparkling career of "achievement"... a sad loss to public life /sarc

We do wonder if this is the start of a "Save The Environment Agency" campaign since Owen Paterson - as Smiffy's supposed boss is quite likely to have considerable sway in the choice of Smith's successor - and more to the point - the shape of the organisation after Smiffy's departure.

Smith seems to have been goosed into a bit of action by the goons at the top of the EA as he's now even more untouchable than he was when actually "in post". Positioning The EA as "defenders of the planet" and proclaiming that they have some sort of climate change expertise - when the actual facts are utterly at odds with these assertions.

We earnestly hope that Mr. Paterson takes a sharp axe to the EA and P45s the bad boys and gets a sensible regime in place that eradicates the carnival of waste, abuses of power, corruption and egregious repeated incompetence that the EA is actually rather good at.

Remember folks - you saw it here first 
(ohh! The Cuts, Woe The Cuts) 

Oh and Avoncliff is heading back to The High Court - if you didn't already know.....
A few hundred K of more public money hosed by the geniuses at Millbank, Horizon House and Trentside....