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Monday, 16 December 2013

That Secret Agent Thing Again

From the USofA comes the news that a senior official at the Environmental Protection Agency has been roundly abusing his position with chaufeur driven limos, first class flights and 5 Star hotels.... pretending to be a secret agent!

Given the wholesale abuse of timesheets, "holidays" and the grotesque amounts splurged on "intelligence" by The Environment Agency - it would seem that there is some fertile ground for looking into what our own provincial "regulators" have been up to with public funds. We've commented in the past about the EA's fondness for cloak and dagger .....  and in their own words eco-snooping.

Much more of this and everybody might end up more than a little cynical about Environment Agencies!

It is really well past time that "green" gang got their act in order - the way it's going people on low incomes are going to get really screwed 


  1. Noticed that Andrew Montford has a post up about this and the final sentence really resonates with stuff at Avoncliff....

    The unscrupulous led by the incompetent. You can see how we have ended up in the fix we are in.

  2. Well he got caught eventually when people obviously started to believe what was obvious. Unfortunately I don't think that is going to happen with the EA. Too many politicians would have red faces if they actually had to asdmit that while purporting to drive renewables forward and cut qango's and be more efficient they had managed just the opposite to happen in the EA. It has got bigger, less efficient, totally wasteful, hugely bureaucratic and dishonest, closed and secretive, bullying to its staff and with little or no control top down or bottom sideways. The mess grows so who would admit it.

  3. Then of course - there's this lot....

    Fattening themselves up (in some cases literally.... Look at the size of Ian Marchant! ) at taxpayers and energy customers expense via bloated energy bills lashed together with "green levies" - wunnerful eh?

  4. This game me a chuckle today: http://www.letsrecycle.com/news/latest-news/waste-management/agency-responds-to-whistleblower-criticism

    They failed to answer any of the allegations in my opinion.

  5. "Steve Lee, chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management" is an ex-EA manager (head of waste policy no less) - no doubt regularly meeting up with his ex colleagues for nibbles, coffee and PowerPoint defends the EA and fights their corner !!!

    I recall a quote from an Eastern European person " In old communistic time in my country party apparatchik make plenty rubbish business after come here I see we was just what you say - amateur ? Your bureaucrat make plenty big business from rubbish!"

  6. A Seasonal Tale

    Day 1
    Dearest Grandmama, we're having a lovely Christmas here at Green Acres, and thank you so much for the wonderful present we opened today, a partridge in a pear tree. I planted the tree and the partridge looks very happy perched in it. I will write more tomorrow.

    Day 2
    Dearest Grandmama, after I planted the tree, two animal welfare inspectors came round. They wanted to know if you were licensed to trade in game. And apparently just keeping the partridge in a tree would break all sorts of animal welfare rules, so I had to buy a proper bird house for it. I will write more tomorrow.

    Day 3
    Dearest Grandmama, after I erected the bird house for the partridge, three building inspectors came round saying I needed planning permission. They have given me until Twelfth Night to demolish the bird house, or they will come and bulldoze it. Still, I will have the tree, even if I have nowhere to keep the partridge, so thank you again. I will write more tomorrow.


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