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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

No Surprise there .... yet

The Avoncliff saga lurches onwards ....

It would appear that Weaver's Mill have applied again for a water license.

It took us 10 days to notice it - we'd expect zero courtesy from the EA in this.

True to form the Environment Agency - instead of - as most other public bodies do put it online - chose to play awkward .... and anybody wanting to see the application has a day out to Bridgewater / 100 mile round trip to be shown a selection of relevant documents - which from previous experience means that there is a chance that officials are hiding something. By the way - where is John Sweeney? - we see that his chum David Jordan (OBE no less!) is swanning around India....

According to the EA's own abstraction database - there isn't even a license at Avoncliff to vary....

Were there pre-application discussions I wonder?  did the EA recommend an ATL turbine as installed at Kingston Mills? (eye-roll / head shake / LOL) 

The terms of the application are quite "curious"...
- we aren't accusing anybody of anything...

After all - we've been threatened by officials that "we'll drag this out forever"

two words ....  competing schemes.....

and what's going on at Kingston Mill hydro ?

14 months after "installation" and no working turbine

About time somebody made a statement  - eh?

EDIT: The moribund Avoncliff license doesn't show on the EA's database as it's an impoundment not an abstraction ...  duh... my mishtake.


  1. Hu i wanted to see what is being applied for ,this day and age it should be on line? NO WAY to carry out public consultation.

  2. Looks like a stitch up attempt - where's Mr. Tarrant the present holder of the license?

    I'd bet that officials have been right in there "advising" in a confidential "preapplication" process. The EA obviously are going to use some tens of thousands of public money yet again to mess this up.

  3. Has the license been transferred?

    Is that possible? - the license was supposed to expire if nothing was physically installed I read somewhere?

  4. Local councils can put planning applications on-line - why do we have to go to Bridgewater to see soot on parchment ?

    they're 'avin a larf...

  5. Kingston Mill Hydro has recently had a board erected which simply says Hopsford Mill Construction Ltd, Hopsford Mill.
    On checking with Companies House there was no Company Registered in that name.
    There was a Hopsford Mill, associated with Hopsford Manor in Warwickshire. The mill ceased operating in the mid 1700's and there are no traces of the original mill except for possibly a mill pond or could that be simply a pond.
    It would appear to be a spoof to direct enquiries away from the manufacturer of the non-working ATL (Artistic Talents Limited). On checking with Companies House I found that the company address for ATL was Hopton Road - quite close I suppose.

  6. In the application the new owners of Weavers Mill has applied for a transfer license of flow under the Mill. During the debacle of the determination of the license to be extended the EA completed an application form for the then owner of Weavers Mill, Mr Tarrant, which he refused to sign. The flow was based on what the EA had estimated in 2012 when they completed a survey of the flow under the Mill, 160 litres per second. It would be most surprising if the new application had a flow much in excess of this.

  7. What a mess at a cost to the PUBLIC INTEREST would not want my name by this it will end in tears. ACCOUNTABILITY it always catches up ???????????? unfortunately hundreds of thousands of your taxes wasted.

    1. Don't work in my interest just waste my fu-----ng taxes .

  8. If a public servant is convicted of Misconduct in Public Office and Malfeasance do they loose their OBE?

    1. Services to the environment help to let flooding occur and make a misery to peoples lives, lets reward him with an OBE morons

  9. David Jordan OBE for Services to the Environment and International Environmental Protection.
    In the write up in Charity Toaday, available online it states.
    As Executive Director of Operations up until March 2015, David was responsible for all operational aspects of the Environment Agency. This included working with large industries to minimise pollution; overseeing flood defences; and the regulation of the water industry.

    David has also worked with Interpol for the last three years, advising on international environmental crime including environmental pollution and wildlife poaching.

    This is the Director of Operations who was responsible at the time of the flooding disataers in Somerset, the Thames Valley and Northumbria, Cumbria and Yorkshire to name but a few.
    A Parliamentary Ombudsman's enquiry showed that during his time the Operations Department showed Bias, told untruths to the public, bent/broke the law. A good record, I think not?
    Internationally there is a crisis for migrating birds in Malta and in the British Base in Cyprus there is mass poaching by the locals again of migrating birds.
    How bad do you have to be not to be given an OBE?


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