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Sunday, 27 February 2011

With Some Trepidation - we go public

The business of the hydropower licence has descended from bizarre farce into a rather serious affair. We would like to hear from folk whose hydro power applications have been messed up by the water licensing people at the Environment Agency.

The web site is partly up - still not walking yet....

Don't rush please, form an orderly queue in the comments :-)

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  1. I am a hydropower developer currently developing a couple of very high profile sites and I have had exactly the same thing happen to me in Pershore on the RIver Avon. The EA accepted a second abstraction licence from someone on the opposite side of the weir in Pershore and for some unfathomable reason, awarded the licence to the second application. I learned the hard way that an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate is a waste of time, you must take the EA straight to court and sue them when they do this.


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