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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Queen's Hydro Scheme Moves Ahead

We've been closely following a few schemes and the Archimedes turbines at Windsor is one of those.

The Daily Mail has an article you might find of interest (Poor pun warning)

We've covered this topic a bit over on the main North Mill website and on the blog here- there are facets to the Queen's project which the Daily Mail doesn't cover - like the fact that British banks (including state owned ones!) wouldn't provide finance for a British company to actually build the turbines.


  1. This is fantastic if its ok for the queen what about Avoncliff??????

  2. Have you seen the Mapledurham Scheme its a 3.6m screw & Marks & spencers are taking all the electricity no noise issues at all and looks great on a grade 2 listed building. Paul B-ON-A

  3. IFORDS RUNNING great cannot here the big engine running i think someone tells pork pies?????? A RESIDENT


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