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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Something new - some video actually in the blog - and surprise!  it's a video from The Environment Agency and  it concerns - you guessed ...  The Queen's hydro scheme at  Romney Weir, Windsor.

Some lack of imagination in the sound track :-)   Wagner? The Ride of the Valkyries?  geddoutahere....!


  1. OK can you please tell us all what is going on here with high court and the fools at the EA.? I have been patiently waiting for the outcome,since this has started they have fitted a screw at Iford which seems to be working great. I think to watch a screw from the aquaduct at Avoncliff would be fantastic. PLEASE GIVE US THE LATEST NEWS??????? Julie Freshford

  2. "Rumour Control" has it that the EA caved in and settled out of court for a large 6 figure amount so that the size of their sillyness and the amount the taxpayers are having to pay for it cannot be disclosed.
    I guess also the fact that they acted illegally has nothing to do with it.


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