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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sometimes you do wonder what people are thinking...

"Team EA" truly excelled themselves today.

Today, the Avoncliff hydro power applicants received an EA missive containing dozens of demands for a very diverse assortment of information some of which is straight out of  la-la land and much could very easily be considered inappropriate,  overly intrusive or simply pointless. According to a straw poll of hydro power project agents conducted by telephone - the list of questions is utterly unprecedented. We keep saying this - but really - what is going on?

A sample :

EA Question:
"Exactly how profitable will the scheme be over the next five years"?

It depends how much it rains
(sorry for the shouting - but really...)

Let me remind the Environment Agency about rain:

 "The Drought could last until Christmas" © Environment Agency / BBC April 2012

Through March and April of this year I think we all remember the scare stories about drought doom etc... "unless it rains" (™Environment Agency 2012). 

sometimes.... the question explains more than the answer.  
The EA profess expertise in hydro power ?

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