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Sunday, 9 December 2012

According to DECC there's no Hydro Project at Avoncliff

Just an observation - the on-line DECC Renewable Energy mapping (data courtesy of The Environment Agency one has to assume) at http://restats.decc.gov.uk/app/pub/map/map/  shows no hydro project at either Avoncliff or Kingston Mills in Bradford on Avon.

The Freshford scheme at Farthingham weir is in there though...

Avoncliff invisible then?  Now why might this be? I'm sure it's just a simple oversight.

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  1. Well DECC for all its faults is not wrong and if the EA get their way never will be. Afterall they are doing their best to stop the only project that would appear to be worth installing. Civil Servants don't usually work so hard, they must be sweating over this as it is taking so much effort.


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