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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sold Down The River- BBC Radio 4 - Face the Facts

Caught this today on BBC Radio 4 - please have a listen - it's worth it.

Whilst some of the program wanders off  a bit - there are a number of nuggets in there...

Responsible stewardship of public resources? 

Undisclosed millions £££ in compensation to their mates?

Warning - high levels of indignation guaranteed


  1. Be thankful you do not live in London. The water "abstracted" from the River Thames for drinking obviously gets flushed through the sewage system and cleaned and put back, guess where - yes the River Thames where a few miles further downstream it is abstracted again and so it goes on. If you live in London especially towards the City and East London you will be on average the sixth person to drink that water.

  2. This makes me soo angry. With my personal experience dealing with these fools combined with what Henry has exposed, I am seething that MY and OUR tax money is being used in such a way. We work hard to keep a roof over our heads, provide a living wage to employees and pay our taxes and these fools seem to get it handed to them. I'll be writing a letter to my MP because this seriously needs investigating and sorting out, post hast.

  3. Heh... only a little better than living on the International Space Station then?

    In terms of taking the urine - The Environment Agency making secret payments of millions to their mates to compensate them for something they weren't doing, weren't forced to stop doing and chose not to do a considerable time ago is right up there.

    The water companies are abusing their position and making unreasonable profits from a publicly owned resource and all the EA does is lick their bottoms... and worse.

    Simply hopeless

    For more depressing reading try Richard North's thoroughly researched articles on the Water Bandits.

  4. It is officially the silly season.

  5. You guys haven't a clue what you're on about. As a EA employee, there's always a reason behind our decisions and if you don't want to appreciate that, tough! We are here to administer the environmental law and our decision is what matters at the end of the day.


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