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Friday, 13 September 2013

Avoncliff vs. Damascus 

Glad other things are more difficult to explain than the debacle here at Avonclifff. 
Try getting your head around this.

Ever topical we are ...


  1. Just remember John Sweeney cannot be TRUSTED he is the fact twister. YOU NO WHO?

    1. We no what John Sweeny is that is why we have asked twice that he is removed. He is a liar and a corrupt member of the EA. With others and we can post the proof at any time-----

  2. One has to assume that since this seems beyond the understanding of David Cameron - despairing after a humiliating encounter with The Putinator - that something must be done - and in his omniscience, decided to charge us all 5p for supermarket bags (No doubt badgered into it by SamCam).

    Will any of the money extorted in this fashion go any way to funding the Environment Agency? - after all there seems nobody better equipped or motivated to protect us from the deadly plague of Tesco bags is there?


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