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Friday, 29 November 2013

Tired of Waiting / Chasing Folk

If you're a regular here you'll know about a Mr. Weston asking about how much the EA themselves reckon they've spent screwing up at Avoncliff. I've given up chasing Mr. Weston and decided (at the risk of being called a vexatious questioner... ) to repeat Mr. Weston's enquiry about funds allocated by the EA to the Avoncloff debacle.  It's 1 year, 4 months and 22 days  since the "EA External Relations Team" should have responded..... 20 days is supposedly the limit.

Dear Environment Agency,
in view of the unanswered question about project costs:


Can you please provide answers to the following questions:

1) Have tasks related in any way to hydro licencing at Avoncliff
been allocated a task / job code(s) for internal accounting

2) What is the accumulated total EA funding allocated to tasks
associated with Avoncliff licence determinations - including
consultancy billing and legal expenses?

3) Can you give any reason for the delay in answering Mr. Weston's

Yours faithfully,


I don't think these are unreasonable questions at the present time - as the EA look set to splurge likely hundreds of thousands more public funds on legal stuff.....

I know for sure that more than one M.P. will be watching this very closely - and if the answer is less than satisfactory - well, it seems quite likely they'll ask the questions
- got that Horizon House / Millbank Tower people? 


  1. Hi Guys
    We're also unimpressed with the Environment Agency - I've got Owen looking into it.

    Keep up the good work


  2. I'll bet it's more than £270 the total amount paid to the EA for two applications, North Mill first £135 and Weavers Mill a late second £135. The EA's standard charge for a hydropower application. Cost generally indicates amount of work required.
    I doubt if either of the projects, in fact any project, has an account structure where costs can be allocated against it. Too complex for them to follow up and generally many projects fail to go past the initial stages so not much point although if you do apply they give a reference number so there should be no reason why they cannot allocate costs. This would give them lots more paperwork enabling them to justify their existence.

  3. These jobsworths are paid an inordinate sum of money just to be in this agency, you'd thing they would do their job correctly. Surely en masse we CAN and SHOULD do something about bringing these so-called public Servants into reality and into line!

  4. I have this suspicion .... that there is very little financial / budgetary control going on at the public money waterfall...

    A slight aside - The Bath University Student newspaper has an example of BIS overspending by 80 million - with no controls at all it would seem - total surrpriise!! see here

    see here

    It'll be interesting to see if the EA actually have a system - and if they do -how well it works - their track record of accuracy regarding their PR activities on a previous FoI does not inspire confidence. Be doubly interesting to see who replies too.....


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