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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

OK it's Half Term

Has Christmas Come Early for Lawyers?

We're told the seasons are getting jumbled up. On behalf of the U.K. administrative law community, we'd like to thank The Environment Agency for moving the 2014 festive season up the calendar and allowing them to have their convention in Barbados this year. We've also had representation from a number of criminal law practitioners who feel they're unjustly being left out of the party.

And...  in a rather strange turn of events the libel boot might well end up on the other foot - or something like that :-)


  1. hey governor we need more managers and a bigger SHREDDER call in the Dutch. quickly quickly?????????

  2. No best get in the foot soldiers in the EA, they no who the idiots are in management and at the top. Stick them in a commercial shredder.

  3. OK - that made a whoosh! noise as it sailed over my head - is it safe to assume that's a secret message to Horizon House and the EA crew?

    I think your readers should be told

  4. Erm given the amount of public money pissed away here - it would seem that the EA at the end of all this could have just bought North Mill ?

    At least then taxpayers would have something to show for 2 million quids... no?

  5. oh dear looks like another tangoed moment ??????????????well done?

  6. Having worked hard for my pension that is worth nothing ,do u guys no what it is like to loose a pension . Start to wonder ..................

  7. Having been intimately concerned with the Avoncliff Saga, not unlike the Forsythe Saga but with real life issues. I would like to announce that the first book in the Avoncliff Saga is soon to be published. Book 1 is titled - A Simple License Application. It runs to 400 pages and will be available to buy online and there is a kindle version. Book 2 is nearing Completion proposed title is An Unlawful Act, it contains the Freedom of Information debacle The next planned book which work will start on probably in April will be titled The Consent Order and Beyond.

    1. Pre-orders for the Saga can be placed by phoning
      0117 934 5122 or 07771 624237

  8. Jenny @ Bridgewater28 February 2014 at 09:45

    Please post the details of how this book (series) can be obtained when it is available. I plan to buy a number, one for my MP, one for the local EA office and one for myself to start with.


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