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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wonky EA Arithmetic Somerset Levels ?

Environment Secretary Liz Truss has been down to Somerset again - and it would seem she's poster girl for the EA  The article covering Liz's visit in the Western Morning News quotes (from the EA we have to assume) that :

Which is pretty astounding value for money and a near miraculous engineering achievement - that'd be a cube with 3 mile sides..... yes - quite astounding from 5 miles of 20 metre wide river - somebody can't count.....(it's the Western Morning News by the look of it!)

We think she would have been well advised to bring her own outdoor attire .... Cheap shots aside - it's obvious the EA want to keep control of drainage in the area and standard delay tactics are being deployed - which quite predictably have got the local MP going  - and Ian Liddel Grainger has been on local TV giving voice to concerns that commitments made earlier are being "slow tracked" - and we have to assume that The EA is true to form - gaming to retain / cling on to control in Somerset.... Considerable manoeuvring behind the scenes, out of public view on this one we'd reckon.

Click pic to view video
Well....  we know here that at the very least half the £3 million funding for Somerset Rivers Board has been spent - making a colossal foul up on the River Avon in Wiltshire at Avoncliff weir  

- and it's still ticking up every month...

Meanwhile ....  Liz's predecessor seems to be shaping up to be a thorn in the side of the present Tory front bench crew via  http://www.uk2020.org.uk/  who already it would seem - have The EA in the crosshairs......

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  1. The EA is seeing fleeing "customers" - Rivers in Norfolk are being removed from their control see HERE

    Wonder why ?


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