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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Greece - what isn't talked about.....

yet another "crisis"....  bored stiff.... round and around ...

There are some pivotal features of what has happened in Greece and to a certain extent Cyprus that simply have not made it into UK newspapers or broadcast media.

The sums of money (undoubtedly some of it yours) are simply enormous / staggering and the scope of the skullduggery would be fantastical - if it were not a fact that criminal antics on wholesale scale are pivotal to events in Greece and are consequently impacting banks (and your wellbeing) across Europe and beyond.

If you are even mildly curious I urge you to take a look at
it will change how you look at a few things....

It would be remiss of me not to include the video below from an independent production unit (afaics) for the BBC - who never knowingly drop any Brussels bureaucrats in the sh...

There are some proverbs / sayings that stand the test of time

Non diu latent scelera

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