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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Walking Along The River One Day I Met The EA

There's a book been written .... and it's actually being published - largely, but not exclusively about Avoncliff - the working title is the same as the title of this post.

The quantity of bad behavior from officials at the Environment Agency and their persistence in attempting to evade taking responsibility for their officials antics are both simply unacceptable. The story of the debacle at Avoncliff gets detailed and comprehensive coverage in the book.

In addition - you might, and then again you probably didn't know that Avoncliff has been the subject of a 2 year inquiry by the  Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman - which is.... excoriating.

It is our intention to publish the Ombudsman report here on the blog.

This first PHSO report only covers half of the hydropower saga at Avoncliff .... and the second (and arguably even more toxic) half of the administration of the hydropower impoundment licensing - (post 2012) is awaiting examination....



  1. The second half?

    - hope you don't have to go to extra time and a penalty shoot out!

    Trouble is, this isn't a game - and if it were - the red card should've been used on EA officials several times purely on what I've read here and on the web site.

  2. I suspect the goal mouth is wide open. Love to read this is the book going on the website!

    1. HOME GOAL......

    2. Quick answer is - don't know...

      Some parts might well be featured - an Amazon e-book is a possibility - that is all up to the author.

  3. Any idea when the second half starts.
    If it gets to be a game of two halves.
    When will the first report be available for all to see?

  4. From the Author
    The final title is
    Walking by a river one day
    I met the EA

    The book is with my publisher at the moment, a few minor amendments are still to be updated in the text. The trouble is little things come to mind and then as you add them more detail emerges. At the moment on my PC it is 370 pages of A4 in word. I will let everyone know when it is available and the cost when that has been agreed.

  5. From the Author
    My Publisher is in the process of proof reading the book. His comment was "It is like war and peace without the peace. How does it end?" I replied that it did not and that the Parliamentary Ombudsman was starting the second investigation process. I also told him that the EA Deputy Chief Executive had described the first report as limited maladministration. My publisher laughed. The term multiple cases of maladministration apart from the 5 points which were investigated and found in full were reported by the Ombudsman. He obviously has not read the Ombudsman's report and is relying on misinformation from his staff.


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