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Friday, 16 September 2016

700 Tons of 1p pieces

Some trivia....

On an unrelated matter I had cause to look at how much small change weighs.

I found this web site....  - which easily calculates the weight / size of piles of money.

Given that we're claiming that the EA has wasted/squandered  £2 million minimum on their antics at Avoncliff  - it's useful I think to do the London Bus /  Nelson's Column  / Football Pitch comparison.

£2 million pounds:

The amount of £ 2,000,000 would have in 1 Penny Coins a weight of 712.00 t. A single stack of money with 200,000,000 Coins would be 330.00 km (205.05 miles) high und would have a volume of at least 136,257.79 litres.The volume is of course strictly speaking smaller. If you would melt the coins down, then you would have a volume of 107,016.62 litres.

So £2 million = a stack of 1p pieces that would reach up to the International Space Station - that's impressive :-)

There is a certain irony in the position of The Environment Agency issuing waste carrier's licenses when they obviously generate a considerable amount of unregulated waste themselves. 


  1. Love that site... bookmarked - thanks

    It'd be 48 kilos and 75 litres

  2. in £50 notes....


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