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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Last Day TODAY !

Today is the last day to make representations about the license applications related to Avoncliff that are presently in process with Environment Agency Water Resources at Quadrant 2 in Sheffield.

Helpfully the EA have a guide about the process which they seem to be now sending to all folk who lodge comments / criticisms and perhaps praise even!  Doing it a bit backwards that -imho / I think...

It might be seen as wanton nit picking by me - but I can't help thinking that this guide should be linked from the consultation page on the www.gov.uk site where a Water Resources public consultation notice is placed. The bundle of public documents relating to the application should also be there too - it would be trivial to put a link in the newspaper ad as well - in the Weaver's Mill case the documents were already in PDF format on the 21st September:

two weeks before the Wiltshire Times advertisement

How to verify email 

Anyway... enough grizzling - if you have a view on this .... PRO - or - ANTI I'd urge you to read the document linked above before you dash off an email to :


quoting the reference numbers below

  • NPS/WR/024504 is an application to extend the time allowed for the license holder to construct and commission a turbine at the Avoncliff weir granted to Mr. Martin Tarrant as SW/053/001/020 another 3 years to December 2019. (application PDF files)
  • NPS/WR/024505 is an application to allow water to run under Weaver's Mill to (I imagine) create a water feature in the garden.... (application PDF files)

  • It'll be interesting to see if the EA bring the determination "in" 
    inside the 120 day statutory window....

    I forget what our record was but no doubt somebody can remind me....?

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    1. Will the Environmental Agency do the job they are supposed to do or will they keep ignoring the obvious and perpatuating the mess they created. I guess a leopard does not change its spots so the outcome is a forgone conclusion. Maladministration and Bias will continue.


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