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Saturday, 10 December 2016


It would seem that even though the BBC piece was good - it details something that has been boiling away in Northern Ireland for 6 months in public.

Ulster TV ran a piece on the matter back in July of 2016 which has a video report and this quote:

"In one case a farmer is in line to receive £1m over the next 20 years after installing a new heating system for an empty shed"

I wonder if any livestock have been treated for heat stress in Northern Ireland yet?

It would also seem that MPs in Northern Ireland were not keen to restrain the generosity of UK taxpayers in relation to the heating of empty premises - according to The First Minister of Northern Ireland today in an interview - they voted against imposing limits on the insane RHI subsidy.

Given that funding of this scheme would seem to go beyond the budget of the NI Parliament to the tune of some additional £400 million pounds - this is a national issue - and should be treated as such by the BBC.

It turns out that the vaunted whistleblower wasn't actually an official - but a member of the public who had seen overheated care homes, offices and other commercial premises and had done the very "simples" sums for herself. See another BBC report (in Northern Ireland...) HERE

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