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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The US-EPA is getting a makeover...

Finally the EPA is being dealt with.

There are likely many that would view the restructuring and re-purposing of The Environmental Protection Agency as some act of vandalism by a new US administration, We have seen decades of increasing politicisation , corruption and legislative over-reach which have little if anything to do with "protecting the environment".

I don't particularly care to copy 'n paste other people's stuff so - two links to articles at Watts Up With That (WUWT)

The Beginning of the End of EPA


Why the constitution gives Trump the power to tell @EPA what to do

There are considerable parallels between the antics of the EPA and the UK's EA - many of the accusations of misbehavior levelled against the EPA have been similarly leveled at the EA...

Looks like the EPA might be cut from 15,000 staff to 5000.

Press briefing on the new US administration's aims:

See the BBC's Roger Harrabin writhing about 58:45 into the video

Interesting and quite wide ranging briefing. An antidote to most of the media coverage - if you want to actually know your enemy or want to find out what the Trump administration is likely to do.

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