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Monday, 11 December 2017

The "Poor Little Fishes" eating plastic II

An update to this story .... According to the preeminent biological science journal Nature  Oona Lönnstedt has now been found to have:

  • Fabricated experiments
  • Falsified data

Peter Eklöv has been found to have been profoundly incurious about suspicious research results that he was putting his name to. The inquiry steps back form naming Eklöv as a perpetrator of fraud but it has to be assumed that he's either a completely pointless lazy eejit - or he was complicit in the entire thing. I can't resist calling it all very fishy indeed.

Literally thousands of news articles and media stories about this are out there at the moment with no mention that the paper has been declared a FRAUD.

I see Greenpeace still features the fraudulent work (and derivative articles) on its web site with no caveats even though it's been clear for 6 months that the results were fabricated.  

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