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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

EA Feb 2014 - Geography or Typing ?

Bedford on Avon?

After 4 years and £1,500,000 of public funds flushed - you might expect officials to either know where we are or have somebody with at least half a brain proof read the first published documents that are the result of spending £610,000+++.   OK maybe it's a typo - but - it did get past the proof reading - and actually on the first line of the publication - which even for The Environment Agency is quite an achievement.  However it is entirely consistent with EA doings surrounding the matters at Avoncliff that they should publish so much imaginary guff about an imaginary place....  (kudos to eagle-eyed Duncan Hames M.P. who spotted it..... )

The latest EA determination is here. There is a considerable amount that not only got past the proof reading - it also got past the BS detectors and the sanity checkers. The page content and linked documents are chock full of falsehoods, obfuscation, bias, anecdotage and hearsay masquerading as objective assessment.

It's been up there for a couple of weeks.... I know...  it's a trivial criticism - but really, after spending £610,000 it's not unreasonable to expect somebody to proof read is it?

If you feel like indulging a masochistic streak and reading the EA documents - please have a quick read of  "100 year events" at Paul Homewood's blog before you start on the Mott MacDonald (PDF) BoA/Avoncliff flooding risk assessment.

EDIT   Typo corrected 12th March

One down .... O.K. , now then ...  about the rest of the stuff.... which is nowhere near as trivial as simply putting the wrong town name at the top of the first document.....


  1. My FOI on What do they no .com. Puts John Sweeny as the author Steve Jackson as the sign off that mistake is only the start . A lot of these boys need some more education there is a lot more to come out., T fisher

  2. Is this what the tax payer gets for £611,000 pounds GOD help us??????? cannot even get the address right. How much more is wrong in this fiasco ,shut them down Mr Cameron. No wonder the levels flooded they are illiterate just looking after themselves.

  3. Be fair everyone, they were obviously lost and will blame their satnav.

  4. Bedford on Avon? blimey - spent £600K+ and really... they can't get the name of the town right = oh dear...

    Why have the EA accepted a wholesale change in the Weaver's Mill scheme (at 11h59m) without re-advertising the thing ? Seems to show contempt for the whole application process

    1. Because the are a corrupt QUANGO out of control just look at www insidetheenvironmentagency £1.5 million on a £150 licence now they have issued a paper licence,at the tax payers expense. FRAUD check it out on google about time some officers went to do some bird and made to pay back some of this money they have corruptly used. What they need to remember is the knock on the door can come next week next month 6 months next year? but be sure if you did the crime you may do the time. FRAUD !!!!!!!


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