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Thursday, 6 March 2014

No Smoke? £3 MILLION compo for EA bullying victims

Suppressing reports is addictive it would seem.... The corporate culture at the Environment Agency has been a subject of more than passing interest to us here at North Mill from the early days when we used to receive threatening phone calls....

It would seem that some EA officials don't even restrain themselves when it comes to their colleages either... One has to wonder if the bullies get to keep their jobs whilst the victims get the compo... ? If you know more detail please let us know :-)

One might say the cat is out of the bag - just a little.   So, 33 employees at £90,000 each - average... that has to be a smoking gun of sorts as is Smiffy's burying of the report.....

If you want to see the rest of the story - please nip down to your local newstand and purchase a copy of Private Eye - journalists beer doesn't pay for itself you know. You can recognize the March 14 - it's one with Putin on the cover. ISSUE 1361 p6.

In the meantime our request for sight of Andrew Baxendale's report (only done at our insistence) into officials wrongdoing 2009-2012 has been and continues to be aggressively blocked at every turn. We are now going to the top tier of  Freedom of Information - an Information Tribunal...  Nothing to hide - nothing to fear eh?  pull the other one - it's got bells on it :-)  More on the Baxendale report HERE


EDIT: Private Eye has gone directly to an online story here  (archived here

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  1. Been following Avoncliff FoI things - "they" really don't want to co-operate at all do they eh?



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