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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Spineless Press and more

Just musing about what it takes for  the mainstream media and the local press (Hello! - that means you Wiltshire Times! )  to run an occasional piece on the actual waste and bad behaviour perpetrated by publicly employed officials and to follow up properly and responsibly.

We know that The Environment Agency has an epically overstuffed and aggressive PR department (Ask Narrowboat World about that!) who've been around swatting stories in The Independent,The Daily Telegraph, The Wiltshire Times, News International, The Guardian  .... in fact anybody in the MSM who has inquired or commented - has been warned off the Avoncliff story.

The bill both to the taxpayer and us is ratcheting up every day that the dispute rumbles onwards unresolved - conservatively now at £2,000,000 in public funds alone....

The newspapers have made much of their "free press" defenders of free speech and the public interest credentials when bleating about snooping on Z list 'slebs - but when it comes to clear and egregious wrongdoing by officials they stay remarkably silent.  Inside the Environment Agency have not garnered anywhere near the coverage they deserve. Then .....  they wonder at the constantly plummeting sales figures and blame "The Internet".

We'd also add that we are deeply unimpressed with the antics of the local Green crew who have failed to support either of the two hydro electric schemes in the Bradford on Avon area - perhaps scared they might loose funding from government if they criticise or campaign for more renewable energy in the area?  

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