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Saturday, 18 October 2014

That Owen Paterson Lecture - Video

Present "renewables" policy aims to spend 
a sum is about the size of the National Debt, 
so we're effectively doubling it  - 
for the single purpose of 
running ourselves out of electricity,
 and ensuring that the lights go out.

Don't they know there's an election on? 
Is it surprising that voters think: "They're all the same" ?

It should be noted that this is about energy policy  -  and the simple arithmetic that "renewables" will not be able to consistently supply more than even a small fraction of UK electricity and heating - ever (OK if we reduce the population by 90% and do away with industry it might work...) .  


  1. Just to put this into perspective.

    £1.3 trillion where the number of UK households is around 25 million means a cost of £52,000 per household

    or to put it another way

    Using an average population figure of 70 million it is more than £500 per person per year from now until 2050.

    How can this be sane for no measurable change in climate and guaranteeing an unreliable overpriced energy supply?

    The madness has to end.

    1. OK lets build lots of nuclear power stations which produce waste we can't get rid of safely. Or use coal with all its sulphur and CO2 and pollute the atmosphere. Or lets use gas which we import from other countries and be held to ransom on the price and also pollute the atmosphere. Or even better lets do nothing and watch the lights go out and become a third world country which no one will want to emigrate to solving the immigration problem.

    2. Windmills + solar panels at outrageous cost (and little net gain - in fact the reverse) then?

      If only the greenies could be connected solely to their follies and made to pay the actual cost eh?

      I'm fed up with being forced to subsidisea bunch of innumerate twerps attempting to extract sunbeams from cucumbers.

  2. Anon - I suggest that you look at Thorium reactors which largely negate the waste issue and look at what a number of engineering companies are doing to progress fusion power.(EXAMPLE)

    Flue gas desulphurisation has been a part of UK coal plants for some time and the CO2 "pollution" argument is pretty thin - since if there's no CO2 = we all die.

    Gas - well if the eco loons hadn't delayed enhanced methane extraction we might be seeing a reduction in CO2 output (AKA increased efficiency) from a domestic source rather than from the nasty old Ivans....

    As to immigration if it wasn't used as an ideological / political poisonous football and was balanced and proportionate - perhaps it would cease to be the pressure point is is at present. If we made the source countries better places to live - then just maybe the inhbiatnts would be less inclined to head in this direction.


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