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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

EA BigWigs up in Parliament

Well.... after all those departures

Operations Director
SW Regional Director
PR Director

etcetera - you know who....

and some attention about payoffs in the Sunday Times -

The biggest wigs of The EA are up in front of Parliamentary Committee this afternoon :

Not certain they'll be able to fit that amount of flannels into Room 15 at The Palace of Westminster

You can watch the swerving and excuses HERE if the embedded video fails (not unusual)

The Three Musketeers come on at 15:39 - drag the bar marker in the video window

In all,  a positive contrast to the previous regime - but answers lingered (understandably) on a certain amount of "catastrophic" events without  actually evidencing it.... the EA guys (and the committee members) could actually do a lot worse than reading and absorbing a few articles at notalotofpeopleknowthat  Exploring what happens in Holland regarding flooding would very likely be useful....  


  1. "In all, a positive contrast to the previous regime"

    Are you going soft?

  2. They have changed the people in some of the chairs but have they changed the culture of the organisation. No. It is still broken. They will still use unfounded statements. "If we had not left the flood gate open many more houses would have been flooded. "where?" is the question one person asked. If you have a flood gate the intention must be to hold back a flood. Why would you do that if it was going to flood more properties than leaving it open. Therefore why have the gate. The truth is more likely that with their usual inefficiency they bungled it and to porky pies to direct the criticism away.
    For commercial ventures the EA insists on all electrical/sensitive equipment be above the 100 year + climate change level. So why did their equipment flood?
    It was good fun watching a Chinook helicopter bringing in the new equipment. It probably cost less than the EA trying to do it. Usual bloated incompetent bureaucracy.


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