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Monday, 11 January 2016

Well... That Didn't Last Long

After a rather short tenure in post EA Chairman Sir Philip Dilley resigned today.

You might expect us to crow a bit about yet another  departure from the ranks of senior EA management - frankly I am actually disappointed, but - not surprised.

It took them quite a time to find and sign up Sir Philip Dilley as EA Chairman.Some people were not happy and perceived him as a traitor to the Green cause - one wonders if they will now crow about his departure and lobby for a proper Greenie to replace him. (EDIT the toxic twerpery has begun)

That a professional engineer with a substantial cv replaced a venal failed poet with a propensity to arbitrarily invent new types of rain was a bit of a surprise...

His demeanour at the parliamentary committee last week was not without a certain amount of scowling and I suspect there was some simmering anger in there somewhere (well controlled).

The fact that he arranged for cover in his absence and was no doubt assured by minions that it'll be OK - we'll cover for you... and was then promptly hung out to dry by a deliberate parade of lies from his own staff as to his whereabouts makes my conspiracy detector beep a bit....

As can be seen from the recent Sunday Times piece (£) on the EA - it has little shortage of self aggrandising gits who think an awful lot of themselves vying to promote themselves to the positions they want (and are "entitled to") it was always likely to be a poison chalice - but one does wonder if this involved daggers as well..... I wonder how long Sir James Bevan will last and if he's invested in a Kevlar waistcoat - him being an unwanted outsider 'n all....

jump / pushed?   - it would seem that the plain old screw-up theory of everything was at work here The Sunday Times has the story ....

However -  "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"  is still an attractive alternative :-)  
I've wanted an excuse to use it like forever....


  1. What a fu---n shame he was let down???? Maybe he would have given the EA a good shake up . By Christ do they need it the most corrupt department in the government........ Sort them out Liz Truss. Dredge the rivers the cray fish do not come before people's lives.

  2. Give the bloke a break he was with his family at Christmas , he does not no when the rain is coming. He was to good for the job anyway i expect he realised what his crew was like loads of morons.

  3. According to The Sunday Times - Looks like Sir Philip and Sir James were the authors of their own embarrassment ...

    That said - nobody stopped them and a trivial quick look at the PR disaster of Somerset floods should have warned them that they were walking on a bed of exploding PR ™Pringles.

    It remains to be seen if Bevan survives - £££ to a pinch of whatever there's going to be some jockeying for position - my vote goes for George Monbiot - that'd finish 'em off.

  4. Chasing Mr Michael Eavis now how much has that cost,the EA are sick shut them down the bloke gives MILLIONS to charity's and good causes,you had a minor incident a few fish dead? You twats wreck peoples lives and homes you should be in the DOCK in front of a judge. Mr Evis should be honoured for all he has done for people shame on you. Power crazed idiots.

  5. Maybe the judge will see common sense and it will just highlight the EA as senseless. Yes and how much as it cost .

  6. Whatever money they get they spend on themselves. pensions blackberries vehicles then they WASTE THE REST shut them down?


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