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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hydro Beats Wind Yet Again

Tuesday 19th February 2013 - A frost this morning and a chilly still night... and I thought to take a look at how hydro electricity generators across the UK are doing - and... it's now not a surprise to see that today and yesterday it's producing loads more than all the windmills across the U.K. - and all with essentially negligible capital investment from the taxpayer.

As I type hydro is producing more than 10 times the output of all the windmills (see here for the UK electricity dashboard ) - that - from the piffling array of water turbines across the country - an all, it's a rather woeful picture for renewables. If you scale the output of fossil and nuclear to the graphic above on your screen to where you are sitting the "fossil" output line is probably upstairs somewhere... We are also importing roughly twice what we are producing from all renewables.  Late this morning we were import 50 times more than we got from wind.

We don't know exactly how many hydro power schemes the Environment Agency have been busying themselves obstructing and fouling up with their toxic blithering. We do wonder however at the lack of any noise coming from the Green side of things when it comes to the costly, wasteful and destructive policies and actions perpetrated by our civil servants (and politicians).

As far as The Environment Agency is concerned the phrase "couldn't find their own backsides in a darkened room with both hands" comes to mind. The assertion that due diligence has been performed by the EA at Avoncliff is looking more like a 'orribly bloated falsehood as every day passes. We have advised them on numerous occasions that they had missed something.

During the recent repeat of the "consultation process" ( 3 years along - the applications are the same - as in identical....) to determine a water licence at Avoncliff some rather ripe documents have been circulating around Bradford on Avon and Avoncliff containing a number of damaging falsehoods about North Mill's scheme. We commented on these documents in the hope that somebody would wind their neck back in without further action - rather foolishly, they didn't and more flyers were produced and distributed..

So... we will be taking appropriate and proportionate action.


  1. Lack of power in England no thanks to the EA looking at this lot. Dwindling energy supplies crisis is coming. POWER crazed idiots, 3 years god help us.....

  2. So tell us what have they missed? OR maybe they know what it is but hope you dont know,either way it is not in the EAs interest to give north mill the licence even though it is bizzare not to. HOW stupid will they look? HOW much public money have they wasted, HOW much time and electricity have they wasted,MY veiw is the EA are actively involved with weevers mill {tarrant} in the tactics of false information being distributed,the EA will do anything in their power not to give you the licence even if it is biased and wrong, AVONCLIFF Local



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