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Friday, 15 February 2013

The Public Interest Disclosure Act

We'd just like to take the opportunity, since it is particularly topical today,
 - to remind  Environment Agency employees that whistleblowing is
both sanctioned and protected beyond what you have been advised internally.

We'd ask that you pay particular attention to anything related to protected disclosures

What type of disclosures will be protected?

For a disclosure to be protected by the Act’s provisions it must relate to matters that "qualify" for protection under the Act. Qualifying disclosures are disclosures which the worker reasonably believes tends to show that one or more of the following matters is either happening now, took place in the past, or is likely to happen in the future:
  • a criminal offence;
  • the breach of a legal obligation;
  • a miscarriage of justice;
  • a danger to the health and safety of any individual;
  • damage to the environment; or
  • deliberate concealment of information tending to show any of the above five matters.
A guide...

The inevitable Wikipedia link

We'd understand if you wanted to form a brass band - but a single whistle would be appreciated :-)

We've had some feedback and we need to point out that the internal mechanisms put in place by most organisations covered by this legislation are designed to "net and contain" any inconvenient/damaging disclosures and restrain the whistleblowers.  There are alternative methods of proceeding with a complaint / disclosure - contact us for details and assistance.


  1. Please post a telephone number.

    1. Are u looking to whistle, what number?

  2. You know who the instigator was JOHN ALLDRICK he has gone.

  3. As a retired civil servant i have been amused by the total waste and carry on. But reading the link to the 1998 legislation my rear end would be twitching if i had any involvement.The way these kind of issues are in the public spotlight at the moment i would be tweet like a blackbird, the legislation spells it out.I am enjoying my pension!


    2. We are looking for a Song Thrush. Enjoy retirement.

  4. SONG THRUSH !!!! looking at this lot! any involvement here you would be more like an EMU but which officer is ROD HULL with his hand up your backside? watch you dont get your balls squeezed!!! come clean put it right? or run and hide under a big rock. BJ B-ON-A

  5. The challenge is that for me to point out the errors that I have been aware of from early days of this fiasco would entail me ending my career effectively. I am in a relatively safe job. The pension, when I get there will still be good. I am on the ladder working hard gaining a reputation, but I am nowhere near the top. If I blow the whistle I am blowing any future hope of promotion. I know the act says this won't happen but would you bet your career. I know some of what has been done and how the law has been ignored, bent or interpretted with so much latitude that no one would recognise it. Sorry much though I'd like to whistle it would be too costly. The only ones who would dare are those coming up for retirement but they are the system.

  6. Well have a good career,keep your nose clean and watch this lot come home to roost.You can whistle blow out side the EA.

  7. As a senior member of staff I have to say that I find the grouping of all senior EA staff under the same heading as either corrupt or incompetant galling. A few bad eggs have successfully ruined the mix and unfortunately being civil servants it is almost impossible to remove them. It is, remember, a job for life. Keep your nose clean and follow the rules and you will be promoted. Unfortunately the internal culture of the EA does not foster openness and transparency. It also does not foster inter departmental cooperation. Most departments have their own agendas and guard them like a mother hen guards her chicks. Until recently Fisheries were the king pins, before that it was Navigation. Now there are attempts by a couple of departments to be the big kids on the block. The internal disputes are damaging to the Agency but it seems to be something we cannot stop. Many senior staff wish to change the internal culture but this can only be driven by people at the very top and they all came up via the same culture. The belief of some senior management is that it will all change when we become part of the Canal and Riverboat Trust. This is probably a mistake as what will most likely happen is that the bad habits and practices of both will come to the top, but that's being negative. The problem needs to be tackled now, not left until later.

  8. Wow and honest and direct response. Yes it needs a culture change or just closing completely and starting again.


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