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Thursday, 28 February 2013

New Environment Agency Gauging Station - Staverton

Noticed this passing by - we understand that it'll be hooked up to the "Flood Warning" road signs (which haven't exactly been working well since they were installed a couple of years back) Judging by the water swept grass nearby - we hope they've water proofed all the wiring.....

It would seem to be something of a waste if they didn't also put the level details up on public display on the Internet - after all we are all paying for this...

It also doesn't look as if the station has been added to the mapping application that the EA maintain (as of 28th Feb 2013)
Staverton overlaid on EA map (one of them anyway)
Just a shame that the Environment Agency don't catch up with the 21st Century and integrate the watershed + the kitchen sink into Google Earth and put real time data up...  Some neat stuff about mapping watersheds here - instead we are given really rather weak/lame stuff like this... = yet another mapping app that seems not even half finished at the EA web site. Quite a lot of work has been put into collecting river data.

Obligatory dig at the end: Perhaps if the EA water licensing teams hadn't wasted well over £500,000  on messing up at Avoncliff - they could have spent it on something where people can actually see their taxes being well spent...

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