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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

John Sweeney on North Korea Fact Finding Mission

Ushers of 평양
The Democratic People's Republic of West Wiltshire has cultural links to North Korea and especially Pyonyang (평양) where our local beer brewing heritage is now kept alive by the NorKs. Back in the early years of the 21st century, the local Ushers of Trowbridge brewing plant was relocated to Pyonyang - you can now see down it's chimney with a spy satellite (Wiltshire Times article).

Possibly Ushers of Pyongyang - the only beer in North Korea?

Somebody said to us "have you seen that John Sweeney video of North Korea?" - it has to be said - we thought it explained quite a lot and jumped to all the wrong conclusions :-) We were jubilant, imagining a new regime at the EA with morning and evening parades involving lustily delivered patriotic songs and a radically revamped disciplinary regime....but- we discovered somewhat crestfallen, that it wasn't ace EA troubleshooter and corporate sucker-upper  John Sweeney

John Sweeney will be featuring in an important post on this blog later this week.
See later this week which John Sweeney....

On a more serious note - we sincerely hope that the great pudgy leader doesn't press that button - having encountered the poor deluded souls that came to dismantle the brewery a few years ago - I'd say that North Korea is "institutionally insane".  I hope something gets sorted out well short of a conflagration - but they are bonkers and they are desperate..

North Korean Parade - epic medals
The EA Metal Recycling Enforcement Team have been put on alert.


  1. Perhaps you could organise a cultural exchange?

    We could give them Chris Smith and we could have Kim Jong Un take over The Environment Agency?

    I'd pay more taxes to see that.

  2. 위대한 지도자는 그를 재미를 만드는 초과 반대합니다 자신의 로켓 따라 다시 타겟팅있다

  3. I like Johns hat is that the new EA uniform? from what i here the EA would like to launch a few nukes in avoncliffs direction and its web site and blogg.But that would not be good for the environment, a bit like a kaplan fish and elver eater!! Paul

  4. A more interesting story here than the BBC Panorama! (which I hadn't seen)

    When you step back a little, that Stalin >>> Hitler re-branding thing in the program defies any other interpretation than being crude and deeply arrogant display of contempt for the audience – when I saw it – I thought what? but then thought oh well, what’s next? – but as I have thought on about the intent behind the words – I got quite angry.

    There’s something unhealthily intense about Sweeney’s delivery – his attempts to confront those doctors was toe-curling and actually the action of a naive twerp – if the individuals concerned had truthfully answered the questions there’s little doubt the consequences would have been terminal.

    Absolutely, categorically piss poor reportage with added inept and patronising lies and an attempted re-branding of a very delinquent socialist regime – the program actually says more about the BBC than it does about The Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea.

    Nobody, certainly not me is saying I think that it’s a worker’s paradise – a *very* dangerous open air nut house possibly – but the drivel delivered by John Sweeney & BBC is woeful.


    That red link to the web site - are you serious?

  5. The EA are up to the same thing as the Korean leader ruin your own country. Shut them down.

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