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Monday, 8 April 2013

The Wrong Type of Rain (Update) 

We understand and have some sympathy for our regular readers at the Environment Agency who must shudder when their clueless PR department and mendacious activists wind themselves up and catapult yet another deeply foolish press release into the public arena. (Our favourite is still The Snowman actually)

"The Wrong Type of Rain"? - to describe this as a toe-curling falsehood comes close.....  Better luck next time.... maybe,  next time - the PR department can work with the good Lord on some poetic structure? - some rhyming couplets? a bit of da-de -dah rhythm  maybe?   It's depressingly clear though - that some people at The EA need remedial courses in English comprehension. 

Paul Homewood who runs the  "Not a Lot of People Know That" blog FoI'd the Environment Agency about renowned poetry expert Chris Smith's sock-puppeting of the Wrong Type of Rain / Global Weirding press release and after what we see as the usual EA obstructiveness - they revealed the complete lack of evidence for the public pronouncements of the rather well remunerated Chairman of The Environment Agency - that's it - zip, nada , nuffin apart from - it has to be said - an evident desire on the part of some folk at the highest levels of the EA to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt...

Contempt for evidence, obstructiveness, misleading public statements - in all,  a noxious brew and certainly not behaviour that is acceptable from a government department constrained by law/statute to employ  objectivity and transparency (and much else) in their actions.  A five minute puzzle for those of you wondering how many rules have been broken here.  Check out how they're actually obliged to behave (blissfully short PDF) and let us know via the comments what your score is... :-)

  •     Integrity – putting the obligations of public service above personal interests
  •     Honesty – being truthful and open
  •     Objectivity – basing advice and decisions on rigorous analysis of the evidence
  •     Impartiality – acting solely according to the merits of the case  
I don't see lobbing dud FUD bombs in any of the EA's mission statements

I apologise to our readers who are waiting for an update on the skullduggery of the EA in the matter of The EA's misbehaviour at the SEPEL Pershore project and their disasterous involvement in the demise of  The Small Hydro Company - it's coming... but there's something else we're working on that has priority - sorry.

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  1. The LAW of the land has to be followed by every person in the UK, But it looks like members of the EA do not have to abide by the LAW or the codes of conduct HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED bring them to book!!!


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