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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mr. Benyon gets slapped again

Richard Benyon MP, the Minister responsible for the Environment Agency gets a pasting from George Monbiot in The Guardian today.  On the face of it - one interpretation of Mr. Benyon's activities is that he's contriving to break the law in his own interest and using his position as a Minister to further his personal interest.  Now then... where have we seen something like this before? - couldn't be in The Environment Agency could it?

This isn't an unalloyed endorsement of Geeorge Monbiot's position - but we can certainly see what's got him agitated. Mr. Benyon's lacklustre performance in support of The Environment Agency's toxic doings at Westminster Hall a few weeks back left us distinctly unimpressed

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  1. I think he should sort out his mess at avoncliff before he looks after himself,use your power to sort out the corruption in the EA.Three and a half years to give a simple licence,simple people not fit for purpose...


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