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Friday, 27 March 2015

A Debate Continues ....

To a certain extent we have a horse in this race - since the subsidy for electricity produced from renewable sources would contribute to income from any hydro-electric scheme installed at Avoncliff.

 Some people have put together a film. 
Heres's a trailer.

What we do know is that being told loudly, vehemently and in the absence of evidence to "suck it up" and that the "debate is over " usually means that there's more to it!

In the meantime - things are moving behind the scenes at Avoncliff.......

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  1. Ah ... right ... we've used 14% less 'leccy than last year but we're paying more for it - and the Green Blob keeps raiding taxpayer funds in fine style...

    The Guardian is "full of it"


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