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Friday, 27 March 2015

Biomass More Polluting Than Coal Burning

nope...  - its not us saying that - much as I think that importing American hardwood from clear-felling forests is bonkers - this comes from an organisation that's part of the Green Blob - The EcoWatch environmental web site and from actual pollution measurements...
Click pic to read EcoWatch Story

In other news - the reputedly most efficient gas turbine power generators in the world (Vorsprung durch and all that) are being shut down because they can't run economically as they're only allowed to run at erratic times at punishment tariffs - when massively subsidised wind and solar plants are not  doing their erratic subsidy sucking  power production thing.
Pierre Gosselin in Germany has the story.

Our energy policy is simply insane and seemingly run by a bunch of fools, many of whom have way too much financial interest in looting taxpayers and energy consumers money and providing a service that simply is NOT fit for purpose.

Where is our U.K. ministry of energy?  -oh, yes- doing photo-opportunities for WWF !!!

Click to see WWF branding.. cropped out of main twitter pic - disingenuous?

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