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Monday, 30 March 2015

Bureaucrat Bonkers Part MCMXLVII

Phew! - somebody does something wrong and erm... breaks the law...

The Serious Fraud Office (a branch of government bureaucracy) has been adjudged guilty of wrongdoing / lawbreaking and erm...  fined £180,000 by The Information Commissioner's Office (another branch of government bureaucracy) - and the BBC (yet another branch of government bureaucracy) files a story under "Health"

Crikey! - you'd have to have some imagination to make that up!

I don't have the imagination and I didn't make that up! 

Whoah! The Environment Agency haven't quite topped that - despite trying hard for over 4 years - but then again - they didn't release information - they deliberately hid it!

No doubt lessons have been learnt eh?  I can't help thinking that there's a world of difference between "an accident" and culpable negligence or worse = strategic leaking by officials designed to undermine the position of another party....

No government officials suffered any personal sanction in all this as far as I can see....  Daft pooches chasing their own tails is one thing - but I think - we'd all like to think? - that humans were above this sort of stupidity.


  1. Maybe the "Environment Agency" were trying to save the environment. By no disclosing information they temporarily stopped it being printed, read disseminated and generally viewed and discussed. Some paper was saved hot air was restricted for a period reducing CO2. This will have therefore achieved their stated goal of protecting the environment.

  2. Remember the EA have to protect the environment. If you allow people to generate renewable energy and reduce CO2 they would not have a job. If you allow fracking to take place they will have lots of work and will justify the work they do ensuring that a polluting energy source is watched so that they can tell us how much the pollution is after it has happened. They will probably need more staff with more cars to achieve the same end perpetuating governmental waste. The unofficial role of the EA.


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