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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Another Hydro Scheme

Long time readers here might remember the Pershore weir scheme. The winning scheme is now complete and operational



Chippenham's Good Energy are reselling the surplus electricity and have 

Given the history of the project and the twists and turns - John Aldrick & Co's toxic meddling and abuse of process actually ended up with a result of sorts - albeit with completely different turbines to the original proposal (Kaplan proposed and ultimately Archimedes installed) and with what looks like an expensive and non trivial amount of earth-moving.

The same cannot be said about Avoncliff where similar (but not absolutely identical) fraudulent antics by officials at the EA in the abstraction license process have resulted in no scheme and at a minimum £2 million of public money being flushed down the toilet. In addition -  the EA have been investigated by The Ombudsman and and found to have indulged in systematic bias and maladministration - resulting in further costs to the public purse....

I suppose the EA are lucky with Pershore....  they didn't issue a draft license and the competing scheme they promoted by underhand means + abuse of process actually had somebody who had the requisite skills + resources to complete it....  (oh yeah... and he owned the land too....!)

and ... ICYMI - the silly season is now officially in full swing  (Probably NSFW)

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