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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

North Korean Taedonggang Beer Festval - Lager, Pretzels + Nuclear Threats

As long time readers here know - I have an interest in West Wiltshire's  relationship with North Korea - especially brewing related matters and the antics of various John Sweeneys around the place...

Ushers of PyongYang

It would appear that the North Koreans are presently  having a beer festival

We wonder if EA lawyer Kim Follenfant who apparently is personally handing all inquiries about the EA's John Sweeney can tell us if  he's attending and enjoying his new found leisure since his recent and unannounced "retirement"?  (bit of an "in-joke" that - sorry...)

On a slightly different matter - we've been corresponding with the EA again....  the results of which have been pretty much par for the course - simply serving to reinforce the raft of negative perceptions that we already have about the outfit.


  1. So he's gone has he?

    Gagging agreement in there maybe?

    More public money tipped down the sewer of bad behavior the EA have running through the organisation?

  2. I guess that means early (or very early) retirement with a full pension with the public paying a further expense in relation to the maladministered Avoncliff project.
    When does this bill stop mounting up?
    When does the EA adopt the correct approach and admit they bent the rules and have been caught?
    When do the EA stop trying to defend their corrupt practices and bias?
    How much longer do I, a tax payer, have to subsidise their wastage?
    I liked the blog a while ago where someone used the name Environmental Agency. Maybe as they have been instrumental in not furthering improvement in the environment maybe they should be renamed the "Mental Agency".
    A disenchanted member of the public.


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