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Sunday, 21 August 2016

What's Going On at Kingston Mill?

It is now just over a year since the hoopla in the Wiltshire Times about the installation of the turbine at Kingston Mill. We've an obvious interest in the performance of the unit - being the nearest upstream to Avoncliff.  Some rather inflated claims were made at the time about the number of homes the unit would power and the efficiency.....

It went in .... to be commissioned in September 2015 according to the WT article

 In Feb 2016 it didn't seem to have done anything

And now - anniversary time....

It still doesn't seem to be doing much.....

Anybody know what's going on?

A year to commission this £300,000 piece of machinery seems an awfully long time - surely it's little different to the other identical ATL Kaplan turbines operating on other schemes,  on other rivers which are working just fine and performing up to specification as officials at The Environment Agency categorically assured us was the case when they gave the most recent licence at Avoncliff ?

EA officials don't lie.

In a really rather bizarre twist the Wiltshire Times article on the installation of the Kingston Mill turbine was also published on The Bolton News web site - reallyMaybe the other two articles about the Kingston Mill project that were "disappeared" from the Wiltshire Times web site are simply lurking out there on web sites of local papers 200 miles away confusing the locals?


  1. Embarrassing scrap it it's a joke not a bit of electric generated?? Shanleys will pick it up . You won't get £ 300,000 for it , at least it will help carbon friendly Bradford Embarrassing all round .

  2. Another hydro f--k up in Bradford-on-Avon so much for green energy, no doubt the EA are involved .

    1. Since the EA licensed this scheme - it'd be interesting to know what other schemes have used an ATL manufactured Kaplan turbine. Will they volunteer this information? - not on your Nelly! - since ... you can guess the rest :-)

  3. Kaplan not fish friendly best it does not run.

  4. I guess the ATL is the turbine made by an experienced engineering company. I looked up ATL on companies house and by checking Directors etc I eventually managed to find out what ATL stood for - Artistic Talents Limited - what has that to do with turbines? Is someone at the EA joking or simply incompetent.

    1. ATL Stands for ----ANOTHER TARRANT LIE---- The EA swallowed it ??????


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